SBA Committees and Ad Hoc Groups

Advocacy Committee: Join SBA’s Advocacy Committee and get involved in shaping the future activist work of the organization. This committee is dedicated to making the University of Toronto a safer, more accessible and inclusive space for disabled students.

Scholarship Committee (Board members): The 2013-2014 Board of Directors implemented the Get Your Access On Scholarship Program. This program is made up of 3 scholarships/funds: 1) Student Scholarship; 2) Event Fund; and, 3) Conference Fund. We are doing our best to maintain our scholarship program. For more information regarding the application process, click here.

Adjudication Committee (Board members): The Adjudication Committee is made up of 3 to 5 board members. Board Members sit on the committee for only one term and cannot sit on the committee more than twice per year. The adjudication committee meets once a semester to review all applications.

Hiring Committee (Board members): Our Centre Coordinator and Centre Coordinator Assistant are selected through a democratic process that is administered through the Hiring Committee.

Bylaw/Policy (Board members):

For further information, you may access our by-laws at the SBA office or via this pdf


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