Board Agenda May 24, 2014

SBA Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, May 24, 2pm

 Meeting Run Time: 2hrs


  1. Call to Order (N/A)
  2. Selection of Process Observer (2 min.)
  3. Acceptance of Agenda (2 min.)
  1. Additions?
  1. Schedule Next Board Meeting (5 min.)
    1. The Hiring Committee (Fady, Adam, Gaby, Mary Jean, Aisha) will discuss extending Assistant Coordinator’s contract
    2. CD will follow up with Quadrangle
    3. CD will document all the scholarship recipients on our website.
    4. Chair will contact friend about the email request for assessment funding.
    5. GM offered to help the student who emailed asking for advise getting an assessment.
  2. Report from Process Observer – Fady (5 min.)
  3. Welcome New Board Members (7 min.)
    1. Review Board Member’s Code of Conduct
    2. Review Confidentiality Policy
    3. Review Board Member Responsibilities
  4. Resolve Admin Details (3 min.)
    1. Emails, bio, pictures, etc.
  5. Treasurer Report
  1. Adoption of May 2, 2014 Minutes (1 min.)
  2. Actions Items from May 2, 2014 Board Meeting (5 min.)
  • Committee Structuring (15 min.)
    1. Structuring Committees
    2. Assigning Leadership Roles
    3. Introducing New Members to Committee Work
  • Committee Updates (30 min.)
    1. Scholarship Committee
      1. Deadline, number of applicants, interest, advertisement etc.
    2. Advocacy Committee
      1. Meeting with Accessibility Services and AccessAbility Offices
    3. Website Committee
      1. Scheduling meeting with Dan Lajoie: Digital Accessibility Specialist and Consultant on the project.
    4. Adjudication Committee
      1. Selecting next group of adjudicators, Summer 2014 Applications
    5. Hiring Committee
      1. Finalizing job posting, benefits package, applications deadlines. Scheduling meeting to construct interview questions and other final details
    6. Bylaw Committee
  1. Centre Director Update (20 min.)
  1. Recent and Upcoming events
  2. Audit, 2013-2014
  1. Schedule Strategic Planning Session and Board Retreat (20 min.)
    1. Should we strike a SPS and BR Committee?
    2. Scheduling Anti-oppression Training, Conflict Resolution, CPR/AED Training, etc.
    3. Scheduling meeting date(s) and location, etc.
  2. Other Business (5 min.)
  3. Adjournment (N/A)


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