Redefining and Reframing Masculinity: A Workshop for Trans, Non-Binary and Two Spirit Folks

We ask cis identified people to please respect the fact that this is a closed space and not come. If you would like to support you may show it by sharing the Facebook event with your networks.

*2S/Trans/NB people referred to below includes but is not limited to people who identify as Genderqueer, Two spirit, Trans women, Trans men, Non binary, intersex, Agender, Demigender, Twin-gendered, Bigender, Gender-Questioning people and people who have experienced cissexism. 

Join us for a workshop exploring the concept of masculinity as embodied by 2S/Trans/NB people. We will engage in knowledge sharing and dialogue around the ways in which 2S/Trans/NB people on the masculine spectrum embody masculinity outside the limits of the white colonial heteropatriarchal system. How have other intersections of our identities (race, disability), the ways we present ourselves and the ways we are viewed by others impacted our expression of masculinity? We will also focus on critical conversations regarding how we engage with femininity and femme identified people. How do we actively support the creation of safer spaces with femme identified members of our community? How can we critically look at femme burnout and how we as people on the masculine spectrum contribute to this burn out? 

Although this workshop centers 2S/Trans/NB people on the masculine spectrum 2S/Trans/NB people who do not identify with masculinity are welcome to join us. This space will include both BIPOC and white identified 2S/Trans/NB people, however, we will be prioritizing BIPOC people in this space. We ask white people who attend this workshop to be mindful of how much and the ways in which you are take up space. 

Facilitator Bio: Makai Imani is an Afro-Caribbean community educator and facilitator. His work includes anti-oppression trainings, trans inclusion education, identity based facilitated discussion spaces around gender, sexuality, masculinity, community and connections to culture. Makai has worked in post-secondary equity spaces in campaigns, peer support and group facilitation roles, and currently works at a community health organization in programming for masculine identified youth. 

Date: Friday March 29, 2019

Time: 5:30 p.m. -8: 00 p.m.

Location: TBA

Registration is required. Please follow this link to register

Access Information

Refreshments will be provided! Vegan, gluten-free options available.

Wheelchair accessible. Accessible all-gender washroom located on the same floor as the event room.

TTC Tokens available upon request. 

If you require ASL interpretation to attend this workshop please contact us by March 15th.

We politely request that attendees refrain from wearing scented products as this will be a scent-free space.

BIPOC and NB/Trans identified (peer) active listeners will be available throughout the workshop 

Contact Information 

For more information and access need please contact Nadia at

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