The staff and board at Students for Barrier-Free Access (SBA) at The University of Toronto extend our solidarity with our Muslim identified community members and the wider Muslim communities on this tragic day. Following the attack, last night on two mosques the Masjid Al-Noor and Linwood Masjid filled with worshippers during Friday’s prayer SBA wishes to extend our most sincere condolences to the friends, families and relatives of the victims and to our Muslim communities.

Disability Justice is about the right of all people to not only access space but to exist and be recognized in the fullness of our identities. Muslims are targeted for simply “being” in our society and through the systemic discrimination that they face every day. As we have witnessed again today Islamophobia targets Muslim institutions, places of worship and communities around the world. This violence is further perpetuated by the ongoing refusal to name and condemn white supremacy and the increase in extreme right-wing messaging that encourages and celebrates violence against Muslims and minorities. SBA believes in our collective responsibility to challenge hate, hostility and violence towards Muslim members of our community.

It is dismaying that once again we must come to terms with the deliberate violence and hate that have claimed the lives of so many. SBA condemns these acts of terrorism and every act of violence, racism and Islamophobia. Today we hold up and honour the efforts of those who work every day to build community and space that include us all.  SBA will continue to open up our resources, space and services to our community members and organizers.

In solidarity,

Students for Barrier-free Access

University of Toronto