SBA Get Your Access On Scholarships – Winter Edition

It’s time for the Winter Round of Get Your Access On Scholarship! You have until March 11th to apply. For more information, refer to the descriptions below or to the attached application forms. All applications have a deadline of March 11th, 2016 unless otherwise noted. Please remember to submit all forms as a word document.

Student Scholarship 

This is an individual, financial student scholarship to support disabled students to continue pursuit of their goals. This scholarship is available to University of Toronto undergraduate and graduate disabled students. We intend on granting 4 awards of $1000 to 2 undergraduate students, and 2 award of $1000 to a graduate student this Winter.

Conference Travel Scholarship

We will be awarding conference/travel scholarships to assist University of Toronto undergraduate and graduate students (including students from graduate professional programs) to present their disability-focused and/or disability-related research work in local and international conferences. While there is no deadline for this application, the adjudication committee will be meeting by March 25th for the Winter so we advise that you get your applications in before this date.

SBA Event Fund 

This fund provides financial support of up to $1000 per event for accessibility-related costs for events organized by on-campus and off-campus groups (i.e. University of Toronto affiliation is not required). Deadline is March 11th, 2016.

*Please submit all forms in Word Doc format*

ASL Bursary (DEADLINE: Rolling)

If you are thinking of taking ASL lessons, why not apply for an SBA ASL Bursary? Upon approval, we reimburse fees for up to $100 per course.

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