Resisting UMLAP, 2017-2018

Archived on March 26th 2021

During the Fall 2017 Term, the University of Toronto administration brought forward the University-Mandated Leave of Absence Policy for approval.  Student led organizing resisting this policy, and a letter to from the Ontario Human Rights Commission outlining human rights concerns raised by the policy, were effective in having the policy vote put on hold.

However, the policy has been updated and was reintroduced April 26, 2018.  An online consultation portal was been opened in order for students to provide feedback on the policy.  Students had until May 16, 2018 to submit their feedback.

Students for Barrier-free Access has significant concerns with the way the consultation process is taking place, as well as the timeline for the consultation. We have sent an open letter to the Vice President and Provost, and the Vice Provost, Students to express these concerns. A pdf version of this letter can be found here.

Students for Barrier-free Access has consulted extensively with the U of T student community and with the wider disability community on this policy.  We stand by our demands that this policy be revoked. We urge the Vice Provost, Students office to engage in meaningful consultations with disabled and mad identified students to find out what disabled and mad students need in order to increase the accessibility of post-secondary education.

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