July 2021

Image description: background is a picture of Banff. There is a green spotlight coming from the top left into the centre of the image. The centre of the image reads, “SBA’s STUDENT SPOTLIGHT PRESENTS BANFF, 2020 BY CHERYL CHEUNG JULY 2021.” In the top right of the image reads, “Stay tuned for next month.”

In this edition of the Student Spotlight, we are featuring an oil painting by U of T student, Cheryl Cheung, titled Banff, 2020

Cheryl originally created this painting as a way to improve her technique. She was dually inspired by the minimalist style of the Group of Seven’s Lawren Harris as well her friends’ environmental activism. Cheryl was fascinated by mountainscapes aesthetic because of Harris’ work and aims to contribute to her friends’ advocacy of wildlife protection with this painting. 

She soon realized that the cool and somber mood of the piece is particularly pensive. While Cheryl doesn’t claim a personal connection to this piece, she gifted it and hopes the recipient has been able to connect with it.

Cheryl is drawn to Banff National Park because of the many mountains and habitat, and she is thankful for the landscapes Canada offers. The mountains in her piece can symbolize overcoming and a Sisyphean metaphor. Cheryl wants viewers to reflect on their own meaning of a mountain by looking at this piece.

Cheryl is a self taught artist and has shared her art in various North American exhibitions. She believes, “the ability to make beautiful things is what makes [her] life worth living.” She hopes her art encourages others to try painting and if they find enjoyment, she encourages them to continue.

We will be featuring one student/alumni per month in our Student Spotlight. If you would like to be featured in SBA’s student spotlight, please make a submission through our google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfptREoh2t5B8Mw4D5adIhRKSkPVH3yv7MAF96VAXg9-xEcIg/viewform 

Banff, 2020 by: Cheryl Cheung

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