Mission and Vision


Students for Barrier-free Access is a non-profit University of Toronto student levy organization that represents disabled students. SBA’S objectives are:

  • To encourage new ways of thinking that challenge dominant understandings of disability.
  •  To work with students, faculty, and allies to build an accessible campus and a strong diverse community.
  • To provide a welcoming place where people can use accessible technology, connect with others, and enjoy a respectful, social, creative space.
  • To work in solidarity with other social justice groups and organizations.
  • To advocate for education that is socially, environmentally, and financially accessible.
  • To be informed and vigilant about barriers and disability-related issues on campus and to be an effective stakeholder in university decision-making.
  • To provide access to resources that help people learn about disability history, issues, and theory, as well as practical tools for navigating student life.
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