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Position Title​: Events Coordinator
Position Type​: Full-time, with flexible scheduling, 30 hrs/week
Hourly Wage​: $22/hour
Workplace Environment​: Working with a unionized staff and volunteer board of directors.
Note: This position will begin remotely, and may transition to in-office, depending on Public
Health guidelines. While we are able to make accommodations, the Coordinator should have access to a computer or tablet, and have an internet connection.

Application Deadline​: May 9, 2022
Interview Dates​: May 11-14th

Starting Date​: May 23 – July 18

About Students for Barrier-Free Access (SBA)

Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA) at the University of Toronto is a student-led, volunteer-driven, non-profit group that advocates for intersectional access, equity, and inclusion. We advocate for disability justice and all of our programming and advocacy is shaped through this framework.

SBA recognizes disability as intersecting with other identities and experiences and ensures that all programming and training recognizes that accessibility must be understood through an intersectional lens. SBA advocates for equity, access and the rights of disabled students, and supports more generally the greater disability community.

SBA hosts regular drop-in programming such as crafting afternoons and peer support groups. SBA advocates for post-secondary education that is socially, environmentally, emotionally, and financially accessible. SBA runs a community-based drop-in centre where people can use accessible technology, share food, connect with others, and enjoy a respectful, social, political and creative space. We hold free, skill-building workshops for members that build our community’s expertise, while also giving members the ability to learn skills transferable to many workplace settings.

At this time during the pandemic, SBA is working to support members virtually, including but not limited to movie nights, workshops, and a food-sharing program.

On campus when we are open, we run a community drop-in center where members can enjoy a respectful, social, political and creative space.

About the Position
The Events Coordinator will be coordinating the ASL events that SBA offers. The Events Coordinator will be responsible for organizing and hosting the ASL club. Lead responsibilities for the Events Coordinator will involve registering new members, sending reminders to the participants, and corresponding with participants and the facilitator . The Events Coordinator will attend the sessions every week. The ASL club will run for 9 consecutive weeks. To ensure the safety of all members, the sessions will take place virtually on zoom.

The ASL club is intended for those who have learned beginner ASL and want to continue practicing their ASL skills. The purpose of the ASL club is to allow people with basic ASL skills to continue building on and practicing skills they have already learned. This club also offers a space for those who communicate or wish to communicate through ASL to build a community with one another. This community can allow for people to have conversations around disabilities.

The Event Coordinator will also create surveys for participants of the ASL club and generate a report measuring the success of our ASL club sessions.    

In addition to the above, the Event Coordinator will be expected to assist with other forms of SBA programming as appropriate, including moderating virtual social events and workshops.

The Event Coordinator will be required to participate in Disability Justice training which will be provided by the organization.

Please note that volunteer experience will be considered as equally as paid work.

  • Demonstrated expertise and commitment in working from a disability justice, trans-positive, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive framework
  • Understanding, through either academic study or lived experience, of systemic, historical, and everyday barriers that operate within academia and society at-large
  • Previous experience in organizing with marginalized groups/communities is an asset
  • Familiarity with finance or governmental policy language is an asset
  • Previous experience reading and analyzing reports within an anti-oppressive framework
  • Communication skills

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
Specific job tasks include:

  • Stay within COVID safety protocols, outreach to community members, students on campus, other student unions, student groups, and groups for people with disabilities to promote and discuss ASL events
  • meet with board members and staff to plan the scope and format of events
  • establish and monitor budgets and to review administrative procedures and progress of events
  • coordinating and planning services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, catering, signage, displays, translation, accessibility requirements, and audio-visual equipment
  • organize registration of participants, prepare programs and promotional material, and publicize events
  • attend ASL sessions every week
  • Working with the Campaigns Coordinator to create surveys for participants of the ASL club and generate a report measuring the success of our ASL club sessions
  • participate in Disability Justice training  which will be
    provided by the organization
  • Draft and submit an exit report
  • Between 15-30 years old with a valid Social Insurance Number

How to Apply​:
SBA prioritizes applications from people who identify as part of the disabled/mad community.
We welcome and encourage applications from disabled/mad identified folks from
marginalized communities and invite Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour,
LGBTQ2SIA identified folks, working class people, and single parents to apply for this
position. Applicants are encouraged to self-identify in their cover letters, which will be kept
confidential and shared among members of the hiring committee for hiring purposes only.

To apply, send the following information by May 9th.
1) A 1-page cover letter which answers the following question: What brings you to
disability justice and community organizing?

2) Resume
Please submit this information to

Note: Interviews will be conducted May 11th-May 14th

SBA welcomes inquiries about the application process by email only. Be sure to reference the position in the subject section of the email. Only successful applicants will be contacted. For more information about SBA or our programs, please visit ​

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SBA is always looking for new people to get involved in our work – whether you’re interested in governance on our Board of Directors, helping to coordinate events or campaigns, or helping out at the drop-in centre, we would love to have you! We can work with you to find opportunities that are comfortable and meaningful to you, and can provide training for volunteers unfamiliar with ableism, intersectionality, disability justice, and barriers to access. All are welcome, regardless of past experience.

By being involved with SBA, you will have the opportunity to enhance your disability organizing skills through campus and community groups, gain experience working with an incorporated non-profit organization, identify and participate in varied training opportunities, develop new skills, and build friendships, memories and networks that last.

To learn more about how you can become involved, please contact our Chair, at A Zoom link will be provided.

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