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Image description: Square-shaped image with a dark mauve background. Centered at the top of the image is "SBA BOARD" in bold white title text. Smaller white text below reads "Interested in joining the SBA Board of Directors? Submit your nomination and attend our AGM where elections will take place. No board experience necessary." This continues in italics with an asterisk, "only UofT students and alumni can vote." Beneath the text is a browser graphic with a burnt orange selection tab and the rest of the tab in light pink, along with a black dropshadow. In the selection tab is the application URL in white text, "" In the body of the tab, black text in bullet points reads "Commitments include (~10 hours/week): bi-weekly board meetings; holding weekly office hours; participating in committee work; participating in training sessions."

We are looking for members who have a demonstrated interest in social and disability justice who can commit to SBA for a period of one year. While being on the board does carry with it a significant time investment, the role also provides invaluable experience honing your community organizing skills to promote accessibility while connecting campus and community struggles for justice.

About the SBA Board

The SBA board of directors is a formal, policy-setting and decision-making group whose purpose is to fulfill the mandate of SBA while ensuring the organization’s needs, goals, and objectives are met. The board sets and maintains organizational policies, facilitates programming, manages the budget, makes funding decisions and acts as the employer for two full-time staff members. As an incorporated non-profit within Ontario, the board of directors is the legal body responsible for decisions made at board meetings.

Each Board of Director is elected for one year and can run for the same position for a maximum of three years. We recognize that the level of participation may vary throughout the year due to life circumstances, however, the following commitments are expected of board members: attending bi-weekly board meetings; holding weekly office hours; participating in committee work, and participating in board retreats and training sessions.

By being on the board of directors, you will have the opportunity to enhance your disability organizing skills through campus and community groups, gain experience running an incorporated non-profit organization, identify and participate in varied training opportunities, and apply for UofT’s co-curricular record (if you are a current student), and build friendships and networks that last.

We welcome and encourage applications from disabled/mad identified folks from marginalized communities and especially encourage Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, LGBTQ2SIA identified folks, working-class people, and single parents to apply. No previous Board experience is required.

How to Apply for an SBA Board Position

The SBA Board is elected every year by our members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). In order to put your name forward for a Board of Directors position, you will need to review and fill out the Nomination Form linked below. Completed nomination forms must be submitted by email by 11:59 PM on October 13, 2022. Nomination forms should be emailed to

Nomination Form (Link to Google Docs)

Nomination Companion (Link to Google Docs)

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