Links to Off-Campus Resources

Access On

The Ontario government is working to make Ontario more accessible through customer service, employment, transportation and the built environment.

Access On

AODA Alliance

AODA is a policy passed in Ontario to create a fully accessible province by 2025. Learn more about through updates and the call to action.

Arch Disability Law Centre

Arch is a community legal aid clinic that provides legal services to help people with disabilities as well as the disability community in advocating for policy reform and initiatives.

Community Living Toronto

Community Living Toronto helps people with intellectual disabilities find support and opportunities in the community.

Ontario Association of the Deaf (AOD)

AOD is a leading advocacy organization in Ontario advocating for rights and equal access for deaf Ontarians. AOD offers a variety of services, programs, and events. Check out the website for more information on membership and volunteer opportunities.


Accessibility standards for customer service in Ontario are available online and include a free training module to help employers reach the standards.


Tetra Society of North America

Tetra is a non-profit organization that creates custom assistant devices for children, adults, and seniors that reduces environmental and societal barriers. For more information on volunteers and ways to be involved, check out the website.

Below are some resources to help with job search and opportunities.

Come into SBA for more information on job searching and for help with resumes or cover letters.

1. The University of Toronto Career Centre offers services such as counseling, resume critiques, and career planning:

2. Charity Village is “Canada’s supersite for the nonprofit sector, with thousands of pages of news, jobs, resources and links”:

3. The Ontario government offers numerous programs for students and recent graduates, a listing of these services can be found by clicking the link below:

Ontario government employment services

4. The Ontario Job Bank is a federal government website that lists available jobs:

Ontario Job Bank

5. Ontario Youth Employment Services connects Ontario employers with students who need work and offers students help with resume writing and printing:

6. This is the listing of City of Toronto Student Jobs:

7. This is the listing of City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Jobs:

8. St. Stephen’s Community House offers a Summer Jobs Services Students and services to help find Part-Time of Full-Time Employment Opportunities for Current, Post-Secondary & Graduate Students with Disabilities:

9. JVS Toronto is dedicated to helping their clients find work and offer numerous services for new job searchers as well as people with disabilities:

10. The Canadian Council on Work and Rehabilitation (CCRW) is a Canadian not for profit organization that helps promote equality in the workplace. Through CCRW, Workplace Essential Skills Partnership offers services and programs to secure employment for people with disabilities and offers accessibility training for businesses.

11. JobStart is a not for profit agency that provides employment services for students ages 16 and up and offers employers free recruitment services.

12. Employment Resource Centre locations

Employment Centers are located throughout Toronto. Hours are from 8:30-4:30. Check out the website for location information and directions.

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