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We want to showcase student-produced work that centres disability and mad populations and/or uses an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens. 

We invite U of T students and recent graduates to submit their work and we will select students to be spotlighted where their work, along with a 150-300 word article, will be featured on our website and social media accounts. Students chosen for the spotlight will be invited to answer a few questions to help us construct the article. 

We are looking for diverse pieces which includes essays, artwork, poems or other literary pieces. We will also be accepting submissions from a person, people or organizations to be featured such as activists, activism and advocacy groups, community groups, etc.

We welcome your most creative pieces and if you have any questions about submission guidelines, or anything else, please email

To make a submission:

Latest Posts

September 2021

In this edition of the student spotlight we will be featuring a series of poems by Marjan Zarifi. Author Responses: What is your artwork about? What is your objective in this piece? The poems I wrote come from my personal experiences experiencing diaspora as an Afghan-Canadian, while also taking into consideration the experiences of the…

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July 2021

In this edition of the Student Spotlight, we are featuring an oil painting by U of T student, Cheryl Cheung, titled Banff, 2020.  Cheryl originally created this painting as a way to improve her technique. She was dually inspired by the minimalist style of the Group of Seven’s Lawren Harris as well her friends’ environmental…

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June 2021

In the first edition of SBA’s Student Spotlight, we are featuring a poem by a U of T student, Georgia Lin, titled melting waters. Georgia identifies as a first-generation, Taiwanese immigrant woman of colour. She hasn’t been able to return to Taiwan for four years. Her feelings of homesickness and desire to return to Taiwan…

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